Metasequoia 4
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Metasequoia Manual

Reade me first Instructions of each function
System requirements
Install / Uninstall
Basic concepts
> Shortcut keys
View header
Command panel
> Command
Object Panel
Material Panel
Paint Panel
Script Editor


Hint of oprations File
How to make faces
About Patchs
Symmetry vs Mirroring
Import files
Export files
Image file format


Introduction Practice
Basics of 3D modeling
  1. Beginning of the tutorial
  2. Load samples
  3. View operation
  4. Create a primitive
  5. Components in an object
  6. Select and Move
Create an easy objects
  1. Create a doughnut (Primitive)
  2. Create a star (Move and Scale)
  3. Basics of Patch object
  4. Create a gourd (Patch object)
  5. Create a cactus (Armature)
  6. Create a shield (Mirroring)
Examples and Explanations How to Texture Mapping
  1. Basics of Texture mapping
  2. Draw texture by Paint
  3. Tutorial of UV development
  4. Edit with external software
Tutorial of Bone

About Metasequoia 4

Release note
About editions
License agreement

About Metasequoia 4 license

This software is provided freely, and you can use basic functions. However, more advanced features for the modeling, exporting to various file formats except for MQOZ/MQO (an original file format for Metasequoia), plug-ins, scripts and so on are not available.

Standard and EX editions are provided as a license of Metasequoia 4. After you purchase the license and input a serial ID, you can also use functions for the purchased edition.

Please see details in the Metasequoia official web site.